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About us

Clean, accurate and healthy input data is the sine qua non of machine learning. We, at bluCognition, help you to significantly improve the quality of your data. By investigating how computers can learn, our main focus is to enable computer programs to make intelligent decisions based on some training data. In other words, we identify problems in the data and deliver a customized solution. This in turn helps our customers unlock their data in completely new, profound ways, turning the data tombs into golden nuggets of knowledge. Our customers include some of the world’s most reputed brands and we are constantly working to enhance the quality of service to our customers.


We live in a world where abundance of data is classified as data rich but information poor. This is because huge volumes of data – that is constantly growing, have been accumulated beyond the databases. As a result, the complex nature of the data makes the extraction of useful data or valuable information a strenuous task.
The successful analysis relies on complete and accurate data that has been formatted in a structured way. bluCognition leverages Automation Technology and Artificial Intelligence ( Machine Learning and Deep Learning) to clean, enhance, and format your data so that you can build and use your models for more accurate results. We help you discover interesting patterns and knowledge from voluminous data. In this way, we help you to rethink your practices and workflows and make smart business decisions.

Transforming Raw Data Into
An Understandable Format for

Our Services

We leverage Machine Learning to label millions of data records, correct demographic data of businesses, convert non-digital documents to digital text. We are also aware of the fact that some data requires a human touch and this is where we leverage our team of analysts for data entry, contract verifications, and fraud detection.
Data Extraction & Analysis
Parse, Spread, & Standardize
Data Cleansing & Enrichment
Convert, Correct, Enhance, Deduplicate,& Standardize
Data Labeling
Tag, Label,& Categorize
Data Analytics & Modeling Prep
Identify Key Variables & Descriptive Statistics, Recommend Modeling Types
Managed data Services
Verify Documents, Fraud Analysis, Data Entry
Data Protection & Security

Don’t Let Your Business Become
A Victim Of Cybercrime

bluCognition understands the importance of data security, controls, and vendor management for our customer. We incorporate methodologies that keep the available information confidential and assure its integrity. With bluCognition, you can be aplomb and self – assured against every threat of data security – be it the unauthorized access, traffic analysis, masquerading, modification, denial of service, or any other potential damage(s) whatsoever. We are partnered with the most advanced and secure cloud platforms in the world to deliver products that are stable, secure, and in utter conformance to the standards. Our tools are designed to protect data and thwart the hackers.

Our Approach With Machine Learning

Use Cases

Data Enrichment
At bluCognition we have developed a tech leveraged process and effective methodology that analyze a vast amount of data effectively.
Data Labeling
In today’s era of big data and multipurpose data stores, accurately tagging and identifying data is critical.
Fraud Monitoring and Pre Underwriting
We have reviewed over 250K fraud alerts and completed bank / financial spreading for over 150K records.
Campaign Fulfillment
We have processed data for over 1000 campaigns and improved accuracy by over 30%.